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Inktober Benkei's bell by Pachycrocuta
Inktober Benkei's bell

Riffing off of yesterday, this is an even better case of something from folklore existing.

Musashibo Benkei shows up in a lot of stories, prints and plays, a larger than life character with larger than life wants and deeds. The story goes that when he wanted a bell for his new monastery, he simply took one from nearby Onjo-ji, dragging three tons of bronze bell up Mt. Hiei by himself. Either he couldn't get it to actually ring or it made a sound a lot like "take me home," depending on which story you hear. Benkei decided he'd had it and threw it back down the mountain.

The bell's still in Onjo-ji, with scratches supposedly from the incident.

Inktober goat cart by Pachycrocuta
Inktober goat cart
While trying to figure out what to draw for Inktober today I realized that the cart is one of the few mythological things where I have pretty good reference for what it might look like. The Oseborg cart doesn't have a seat so as far as I can figure out the driver must've knelt which is what I've tried to show here. Since the topic's potentially really dramatic and vivid, I was trying to go the other direction, just one of the Aesir out for a ride in his awesome cart with immortal regenerating goats, nothin' unusual here.
Inktober gods of the Realms by Pachycrocuta
Inktober gods of the Realms

Faerun's "Four Gods of Fury" are all about storms, heavy weather and devastation. They're intended to be patrons of groups which good-aligned PCs might oppose. They are left to right, Umberlee goddess of hostile currents, Malar the Beastlord, Talos the one-eyed god of storms, and Auril the Frostmaiden. Mostly I was trying to be less cowardly about having big areas of black.

Inktober dragon by Pachycrocuta
Inktober dragon
Dragony Inktober. I was thinking that this was one of the neutral aligned guys or something.
Inktober lizard folk by Pachycrocuta
Inktober lizard folk

Oh, yeah, so I drew and inked this right before watching Smoke Signals even though the flop-head club is from completely the other side of the continent.

Hi! Commissions are open again!

My prices are;

$22/inked character (may have some shading if I'm inclined that way) + 11/extra character (vehicle, etc) (recent example;…)

$33/character with grayscale shade to indicate tone + 16/extra character (recent example;… )

$44/fully painted character + 22/extra character (recent example;… )

If you want more than one round of revisions at the pencil level, I will request more payment. Most themes should be okay, but please check in with me first.

Please contact me by email (JonServal at aol dot com) if you want a commission from me! What I'll need is brief character description(s) including significant pieces of clothing or equipment, what you'd like them doing, and general theme or mood if you're inclined that way!


United States
Current Residence: Duncan, Idaho
Favourite genre of music: Punk's not dead.
Favourite style of art: Capoeira, Wing Tsun
Operating System: LaTEX for the Dalek 5.3
Shell of choice: Clam
Wallpaper of choice: Paisley
Skin of choice: Freckled
Favourite cartoon character: "San" from "Mononoke Hime"

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